Wedding Dress Rescue
by The Bridal Studio

Professional Wedding Dress Alterations and Repairs

Imagine for a moment your dress does not fit for whatever reason, maybe you are slimmer or the excitement has added more where it was not expected. You can relax, we specialize in altering your dress so it is perfect for you.

Perhaps your bridal party requires adjustments, even Mothers of The Wedding, using a favorite evening gown, we look after it all. We want you to be happy on your big day altering your dress to be the perfect you. The Bridal Studio is where to come for peace of mind.

It is true, a stitch in time, saves nine. We will sew everything up for you and have you looking great.

Wedding Dress Rescue can help. Perhaps a borrowed wedding dress, a gown in a family tradition, or fixing a discount wedding dress from the Internet or a “like new” from a sales site. You realize what was ordered or thought to be ordered is not what arrives is a mistake and time is running out..

We solve disappointment all the time.

Sadly many brides experience disappointment with on-line orders. If it is too good to be true, most likely it is. False economy is simply, false economy.

Panic sets in, now what do you do? Sound all to familiar?

The Bridal Studio has what you need, a professional seamstress to handle most alterations. Whether you want it shorter, let out, pulled in or figure enhancing, more daring, whatever the desire, most times we can assure your dress is perfect for your style.

Work schedules can be crazy and stressful when trying to get things done. The Bridal Studio understands and we work with your schedule. Book a time that works for you and we take care of the rest.

Professional Seamstress

We offer professional seamstress services. Our seamstress sews and alters clothes, especially dresses or other female attire for individual fittings.

With a professional eye for color and fashion,  your alterations transform into a chic wedding boutique experience. Exclusively yours.

Need help? Wedding dress rescue is here.

Call us:   +1 705 328 9052

Wedding Dress Rescue Professional Wedding Dress Alterations November 15, 2015