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As a courtesy, the Bridal Studio has compiled resources to help you find the dress you are looking for.

There are thousands of options available and we are available to help you make the best selection.

Many troubled Brides-To-Be recount their unsettling experiences of online ordering; too often a painful experience of false economy.

The Bridal Studio has compiled a list of trusted manufactures you can count on to provide your special day with fashion and fabrics dreams are made of.

Many troubled Brides-To-Be recount their unsettling experiences of online ordering; too often a painful experience of false economy.

Explore the beautiful selections and come into The Bridal Studio for our specialized attention to your needs.

We offer Professional Seamstress services for the finest attention to details and perfect fittings.

The Bridal Studio is proud to offer these fine lines for you and your entire entourage. Enjoy our great service, knowledgeable staff and confidence with peace of mind.

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Bride and Bridesmaid Collections

Alex Evenings

DaVinci Wedding Gowns

DaVinci Bridesmaid

Ella Rosa


Mothers of The Wedding Collections

Jean De Lys


The Ella Rosa Story
Private Label by G

The Label

Private Label by G has always had one dream – design high quality bridal gowns and offer them at unbeatable prices. The company owners followed these dreams, but on one condition…

Simple is better.

Always choose the highest quality materials, work closely with the production teams to control quality, and steadily improved their dress patterns year after year for the perfect fit.

The Perfect Fit

People in the industry say “perfect fit”. But what’s it really mean? For some, it means depending on corsets. Fit the bride approximately, and use corset laces to tighten the gown onto the bride. Like a shoe.

Not us. We know the perfect fit begins as soon as we start gown making. With custom measurements, we’re inarguably the best in the industry, and for good reason. We’ve spent 30 years perfecting our special measurement process.

With us, your dress arrives perfect. Not after the fact.

Beauty In The Details

Inspiring words to say the least, and we believe it. Intricate beading, how we use our fabrics, even how our seams are sewn to make gowns more comfortable.

The details, together, are what make a great gown.

We’re not claiming to be the only designer who makes high quality gowns. But there’s a big difference between high value versus high quality. With us, you always get more. We encourage you to visit a retailer and compare us to other designers. You won’t just see the difference – you’ll feel it.

The Last Family Business

In an industry filled with bank owned designers and corporate teams, we’ve stood firm as family. Some have us believe we need to change, but we see things differently.

Big designer quality with small business care.

We double-check all our gowns before sending them to retailers, and every complaint is handled personally. Brides and stores aren’t numbers. They’re family. And we’ve built lives on these connections. Who we are: PLBG opened its doors 30 years ago with a husband-wife team (who still love what they do and come to the office daily). Now, with the addition of their two hard-working sons, we stand firm as a family.

The Bridal Studio
Style Guide

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  • Is there a colour theme?
  • How many are in your Bridal Party?
  • Mother of the Wedding dress?
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Kate & Co. Home Accents


Tired of the meh‽Kate & Co Home Accents Urban Eclectic & Unusual Gifts

You are not alone. Kate & Co. takes the boring…same old–same old from meh to marvelous.

Not sure what to add to your registry? This is a great place to start. Our products are so popular among our registrants that we’ve deemed them the “can’t-live-without” essentials. Best of all, they’re items you’ll be using at home nearly every day, something you will be proud of forever.

Jump-start your registry with more of our top picks. Visit Kate & Co. and choose products from the Style Guide*.

Remember many of our beautiful unique products are limited editions, many one of a kind, or just passing through. If you see it buy it, it may be gone tomorrow, don’t be disappointed, drop in today for a treasure trove of life long giving.

*Curious about our Style Guide? Don’t blame you, at Kate & Co. we have many hard to find items, must have additions to your home. Want to know when the new edition of exclusives under the Kate Co. prestigious name is available? Sign up to get your copy. Are you ready? Do it now, as it will not last long.

You are invited to explore our shop.

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