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Destination Weddings

The Bridal Studio Destination Elopement And Weddings

Destination Weddings
Travel Wear & Travel Destination Wear

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Modern brides are more sophisticated in a complicated way, increasingly embracing thrilling adventurous escape weddings to exotic places or eloping with one’s life partner in a far flung destination.

The Bridal Studio Destination Weddings and Travel Wear
The Bridal Studio Destination Weddings and Travel Wear

Love Is Love
A romantic get away either spontaneously boarding a Last Minute Flight to turquoise waters of the Caribbean or a romantic interlude in Bora Bora, Leeward group of the Society Islands of French Polynesia, surrounded by blue Pacific Ocean waters stretching out to the edge of an endless horizon.


What to Wear
Bridal dresses designed for destination weddings are light, compact for easy packing and travel well. Wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses are light, airy and cool in sweltering, high humidity, salty air vacation spots. Comfortable and free flowing gowns make for a fun filled, enjoyable, special day.

Carry On Luggage
Pack your big day dress, essential toiletries, makeup, shoes, sandals bathing suit and destination wear to see you through in case something happens to the remaining luggage. Professional travelers pack light. With a couple of outfits one have have a new look on the beach each day and a change for dinner in the evening with feel great apparel. It’s easy and here is how.


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